Illegal hunt invasion of airfield

A member of the public was passing Sturgate Airfield, near Gainsborough, Lincolnshire at approx 3pm on Wednesday February 6th 2008. They noticed some very large dogs bounding down the runway and realised there were two horsemen accompanying them. They then saw the full hunt – about 20 riders in dark blue velvet jackets.

A spokesman from the airfield has confirmed that they did not give permission for the hunt to use their land.

A spokeman for Eastern Air Executive Limted, said, “It was a great shock to us to see the hunt ride across the airfield, it could have caused a serious problem, there could have been aircraft using the runway at the time and this could have caused a series incident.”

Andrea Hill, spokesperson for Huntwatch: “This kind of behaviour does not surprise us at all, we hear of hunts invading private land all the time. The incident could have had serious consequences if an aircraft was using the runway. The hunt claim they are hunting a fox based scent laid as a line – but, who in their right mind, would place a trail down the middle of a runway? This is not the first time that a hunt has put members of the public in danger and unfortunately, until the police start to enforce the law more vigorously, I doubt that it will be the last.”


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